Detailed step by step procedure on how to place an order with Dopecity .


  • Browse to our shop , then cart the product(s)  you are interested in . Note only the finest quality of vapes are sold here .


  • Click on the desire product.
  • Check the products images and desire description  provided .
  • Select product quantity .
  • Click ” Add to Cart ” to proceed .
  • Once you have all your desired products in your shopping cart , you are ready to checkout .Click on the shopping cart icon ( top right on your screen ) . You will be redirected to a view cart page . This is just to check and make sure everything looks right .

STEP 4 . Payment instruction .

  • Choose your payment option . We do accept Bitcoin , Western Union , MoneyGram , Walmart to Walmart . Note all packages are shipped only after  the payment is confirm .


  • Once your payment is confirmed , your order will be processed and shipped the same day  is your order and payment was confirmed within 3 pm . A tracking number will be handed to you as prove of shipping . This will enable you track and know delivery updates .

Once you pick up the funds, how long do I have to wait for the item to arrive?

After you receive a mail from us stating “order completed” depending on your country check bellow: US & Canada: 1-2days Europe: 2 – 3 days Asia & Australia: 3 – 5 Days South America: 2 – 3 weeks

Have packages got missing too much ?

No We do have a 100 per cent successful rate . Almost all the packages that we had to shipped is the pass were delivered .

How much does it cost?

On the checkout page, you will see shipping charges base on your country, city, zip.

My package didn’t arrive. When I can get a refund and how?

If your package is late, and already passed 10 days since we provide we notified you of delivery, then we will call the agency used, verify that package was really seized, lost or whatever, and then we will reship No extra charge required.

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Which countries don’t benefit reship ?

We offer reship to all countries however for Brazil, India, Italy, Norway, Finland, Denmark ,Sweden and all Scandinavia we only reship 90% of the initial order total: due to their high risk custom.

How are the products labeled ?

Products come’s in stealth packaging for higher privacy.